Score Training specialise in the provision of training on valves and related equipment for industrial applications. Read more.

Our training has two primary focuses, the first of these is to educate people on the design, operation and principles of valves and related equipment, this training is designed for engineers, engineering graduates and others who want to learn more about valves. The second focus is on training people to maintain and test valves, these courses are aimed at technicians and maintenance personnel. Our training courses have been developed using Score Group's extensive experience of the valve industry.

All of our valve training courses involve practical workshop sessions where the trainees are able to conduct hands-on work with valves and associated equipment within the safe environment of our training workshop. In our experience these workshop sessions are hugely beneficial in aiding trainee's understanding of valve design and operation.

We have a range of standard courses ready to be delivered with open course dates available. If you have a specific training need related to valves or associated equipment then we can develop a bespoke course to meet your needs and incorporate a workshop session to support the classroom learning.

Score AS training courses:

  • OLF Guideline 119 Valve Training Course
  • Valve Lubrication and sealant course
  • PSV Inspection & Verification course

These courses can also be offered from Randaberg upon request.

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