Our first priority is the safety and health of employees for Score A/S. Our goal is zero accidents and there are no operations that take precedence over the safety of our employees and visitors.

Score A/S bears responsibility for employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment. Therefore the topics of health, occupational safety, environment and quality are of our highest importance. Work on safety and working environment is based on a preventive approach and are being continuously improved.

Responsibilities for safety are properly assigned, accepted and fulfilled at all levels of the organisation and arrangements are made to safeguard the safety and welfare of all company members and visitors to the premises and to build a strong safety culture.

Score A/S operates according to all applicable rules and legislation for the company and have the following policy’s in place; Safety at Work, Occupational Health, Quality, Ethical, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Substance Misuse, Harassment and many more.

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